Magnificent Butcher

Magnificent Butcher is an action comedy movie directed by  Yuen Woo-ping and is based on the story of Lam Sai-wing. The movie is about a fat martial arts student Lam Sai-wing, played by Sammo Hung Kam-Bo, also known as Butcher Wing, an innocent man who wants to do good but gets trapped every-time he tries to help somebody. The problem starts when he gets accused of raping and murdering the goddaughter of the Master of rival school and the Master swears revenge.

Magnificent Butcher is slightly different from other martial arts movies. Like most shaolin school movies, the main protagonist of this one has a comical side but unlike others he is not muscular or chiseled bodied student but a fat man. However, he doesn't shy away from training, in fact he wants to learn more skills.

Though the movie is heavily inspired from The Drunken Master, there is not much too talk script-wise  I felt like I am watching some Shakespearean tragedy written by a pulp fiction writer, who thought the tragedy was comedy. In parts the story moves too fast and sometimes it doesn't move at all. And when the movie ends, viewer is left happy but unsatisfied.

However, you dont get bored even for one moment as the movie is filled with beautifully choreographed action sequences. Each and every move can be noticed and enjoyed unlike some other movies where in a fight sequence there are lots of characters fighting simultaneously. In Magnificent Butcher you sit  back and enjoy the action without much worrying about characters or story.

Sammo Hung has done a good job as Butcher Wing. In comparison his role in Enter the Dragon, this is one of his lesser known roles. The master of Butcher Wing is Wong Fei-hung, played by Kwan Tak-hing. It's interesting to note that Kwan Tak-hing has played the role of Wong Fei-hung in almost 70 different movies. He is well known for his calligraphy skills and it was a pleasure to watch a fight sequence involving him using the calligraphy brushes. Couldn't get better than that.

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