Stephen King and Movies

Till today I have watched following movies adapted from Stephen King's novel or short stories-
1- The Shining : Some people find Shining scary, but I think it was a bad, if not worst, movie. Kubrick was not able to capture the eerie and haunted ambience created in the novel of same name. 'REDRUM' of a beautiful novel.
2- Thinner: A nice little time-pass movie
3- Misery- Again a bad attempt but not bad as The Shining
4- The Shawshank Redemption: A very commendable attempt. Beautiful adaptation and must watch for upcoming screenwriters as Syd Field refers to it quite a lot.
5- Cujo- bad
6- Pet Sematary : Laughable, amateurish. Looks like both King and Mary Lambert went on a spiritual trip during the making of this movie.
7- The Green Mile: Best adatation of King's work as far as I have seen. Beautiful sequences. Frank Darabont beautifully captured the sense of irony and macabre.

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