Reincarnation could have been a nice little scary movie, but the poor direction and loose storyline ruined it. Takashi Shimizu made a mistake of going over simplistic when a lot of explanation was required and getting complex when things should have been simplistic. Above all, he adds some surreal imagery into the scene.

The film is about a girl called Nagisa Sugiura, who is a struggling actress. She gets a role in  movie which is about a 35 years old massacre that took place in hotel. After landing the role, she starts having visions about a little girl who was killed in the hotel by her professor father. The director of the movie is Matsumura, who get fascinated by Nagisa as soon as he sees her. Another character is Yuka, who comes to the audition but doesn’t get any roles. She is having nightmares about the hotel too. Soon, things get complicated and we get to know how each character in the movie is related to one another.
As a rule of thumb, there should be some suspense in the storyline, when  you are dealing with a  subject like the one in the movie. Though I am sure director would have thought there is a suspense, but the name like “Rinne, 輪廻 or Reincarnation” tells half the story. Other half, director Shimizu ruined with his overenthusiasm and aesthetics. Nagisa keeps seeing a little girl and her father everywhere, but if they are reincarnated, how come there ghosts are still lurking around. I don’t know? What’s more, Yuka gets attacked by unknown ghosts which are absent throughout the movie. Then it is also not made clear, whether the shooting was taking place in real hotel or on the sets. Above all, why in the world would a director take a young woman to play the role of a 6 year old girl? Too many questions and no answers. 

It felt like I was watching a bad remake of a good Japanese horror.

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