La Bandera Argentina

Not exactly a movie, but an important landmark in the Cinema of Argentina, La Bandera Argentina  was released in 1897. Directed by Eugene Py, it is considered to be the first film ever produced in Argentina though prior to it Federico Figner screened his short on 24th of November, 1896. However, La Bandera Argentina is considered to be the first because of its patriotic significance, as the film captures the Flag of Argentina.

Eugene Py was a French cameraman, cinematographer and film director who moved to Buenos Aires in the late 1880s. He is considered to be one of the founding pioneer of Argentinian cinema. After arriving in Buenos Aires, Py started working in a photographic supplies business called Casa Lepage for Henri Lepage and Max Glücksmann. In 28 July 1896, Lumière Cinématographe screened their very first movie in Argentina. Py, Lepage and Glücksmann attended the screening.

Inspired by the short, Lespage imported cinematographic equipment from France into the country. With the help of these equipments, Py shot La Bandera Argentina. Apart from the movie Py directed 19 other movies such as Pica, pica Compadrito, El soldado de la Independencia, Cochero de tranvía etc.

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