The King of Fighters

The King of Fighters is the perfect example on how not to make bad movies. An exercise in futility. The reason I watched the movie was Maggie Q. And still I was very (read very, very, very) disappointed.
Directed by Gordon Chan, the movie is based on a 2D video game of the same name. The story is about a tournament, which takes place in another dimension and the winner becomes the king of fighters. So I expected some kick-ass fighting sequences, however, what I found was a lunatic standing near a throne half the time and rest of the time two idiots enlightening others about dimensions.
Sadly, even the director didn’t take any pain to read about dimension. Even a page of reading would have done wonders. The good guys in the movie fear that the bad guy will merge the other dimension with ‘Real World’. Even an amateur in dimension study will tell that all the dimensions are merged together but are in different frequencies. Mr. Chan was sleepy I guess, so were the actors and technicians.
Like the movie, I would be doing an exercise in futility if I go in depth of this movie. Better go for Mortal Kombat and avoid this one to preserve sanity.

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