Django Unchained

In 2007, Quentin Tarantino acted in a Takashi Miike movie called Sukiyaki Western Django. Now, he has written a movie called Django Unchained and will soon start its production. The film is set to release in 2012.

'Django' is a very interesting word. It is mostly related to Spaghetti Westerns films. Actually, it is the name of a fictional character who drags a coffin wherever he goes. He looks sad and is ready to kill enemies. The character has appeared in many Spaghetti Westerns. However, the first Django character was played by Franco Nero in Italian Western called Django, released in 1966. The other movies are:

  • Django, this bullet for You (1966)
  • Django strikes first (1966)
  • Django the last slaughter (1967)
  • Django, kill (If you live, shoot!) (1967)
  • Don't wait, Django! Shoot! (1967)
  • Son of Django (1967)
  • Ten thousand dollars for a massacre (1967)
  • Man, pride, revenge (1967)
  • Django kills slowly (1968)
  • Django get a coffin ready! (1968)
  • Django does not forgive (1969)
  • Gallows-rope for Django (1969)
  • False Django (1969)
  • Django the bastard (1969)
  • One damned day at dawn… Django meets Sartana (1969)
  • Django against Sartana (1970)
  • Django and Sartana are coming… It's the end! (1970)
  • Sartana’s here… trade your pistol for a coffin (1970)
  • Django defies Sartana (1971)
  • Django is always No 2 (1971)
  • Django's cut price corpses (1971)
  • A ballad of Django (1971)
  • A gun for Django (1971)
  • A man called Django (1971)
  • Shoot, Django! Shoot first! (1971)
  • Django... Adios! (1972)
  • Long live Django! (1972)
  • Django strikes again (1987)
  • Sukiyaki Western: Django (2007)
 Quentin Tarantino is inspired by Europian movies of 70s. We can see the direct influence in his movies. Now he is going a bit further with his new movie. I hope it won't be a mixture of scenes and dialogues taken from various movies of that era.

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