The Skeleton Key

Hollywood is getting short of ideas when it comes to horror movies. However, Skeleton Key is a little contradiction.

The movie is about a young nurse Caroline Ellis (Kate Hudson), who is working in a New Orleans hospital. In an isolated plantation house of Southern Louisiana, she takes up a position as a caregiver. The house is inhabited by an old couple, Violet (Gena Rowlands) and Benjamin Devereaux (John Hurt). The house has a dark past, as it happens in all the haunted house movies. It is related to its former inhabitants and the hoodoo ritual. And Caroline finds herself trapped between the dark activities going around the house.

The story didn’t provide anything extraordinary, except the ending which is somewhat inspired by Korean horror movies and perhaps the books of Stephen King. But the director Iain Softley handled the project nicely. He maintained a gothic setting throughout the movie. The best part was, there was no monster-behind-the door kind of scenes.

Acting was passable except for Gena Rowlands. Kate Hudson looked a little too cold. She was not able to convey her feelings and required dialogues to do that, which unfortunately were not there. Gena Rowlands was as usual up to the mark. She handled the emotions of distrust, rage and suspicion really well. John Hurt didn’t have much scenes.

A nice little horror movie to pass the time. Definitely not a must watch.

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