Wife to be Sacrificed

Masaru Konuma was all prepared to shock audience with his movie Wife to be Sacrificed, that too aesthetically. However, I don’t know what he was thinking when he shot the very first scene of the movie, where a little girl is shown peeing and the main character watching her. Sore to the taste and somewhat unwanted. Anyway!

Wife to be Sacrificed or Ikenie fujin is a “Roman Porno” of Pink Film category. One of the most notable and aesthetically praised movie of the genre. After Hana to Hebi, this movie brought Konuma in the list of prominent Pink film directors of that time and financially saved the production company Nikkatsu. The film stars “Queen of Pink” Naomi Tani.

The movie is about a man Kunisada (Nagatoshi Sakamoto), whose wife Akiko (Naomi Tani) has left him. He comes face to face with her again while watching a pre-pubescent girl urinate by the side of a road. Later he kidnaps Akiko, takes her to an isolated place and subjects her to various sexual tortures.

The best thing I liked about the movie is its length. The director sticks to its premise without divulging into subplots and characters. The character are three dimensional. Akiko hates her husband, but later submits herself to him and starts enjoying the torment. However, till she was in pain and wanted to set free Kunisada enjoyed torturing her, but as she starts enjoying he leaves her. Probably no challenge left for him. The game is over. Cinematography is better and editing, very tight. Script is good and has nice twist and turns. Director is at his best, and enjoying what he was making.

Definitely one the superior movie in Pink Film Genre.

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