El Topo - Part 1

Time for El Topo. I promised to write about the movie long back... now is the time.

Released in 1970, El Topo is a western movie of allegorical nature. It was directed by Alejandro Jodowsky, who also plays the title role in the movie.

The movie is divided in two parts, both surreal. Part 1 is western about ambition, love, betrayal and death, whereas part 2 is about redemption and rebirth.

The movie starts with El Topo, a gunman, traveling through desert. Accompanying him is his son and a horse. They reach a town, whose inhabitants have been murdered by a gang headed by Colonel. El Topo finds and kills the gang. After the confrontation, he leaves his son to the monks and rides off with Mara, a woman whom Colonel had kept as a slave. Later, Mara convinces him to defeat four great gun masters to become the greatest gunman in the land. And thus the movie progresses.

(To Be Continued...) 

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