A Bronx Tale

A Bronx Tale is a coming of age film about a boy Calogero who witnesses a murder done by a local mobster Sonny. Calogero is in awe of Sonny and keeps quiet when he is questioned by police. As a result, Sonny takes a liking on him. He starts to treat him as a son. Calogero’s father, Lorezno strongly disapproves the relationship. And the son gets torn between two persons, two ideologies and two worlds.

Robert De Niro has directed two movies till date, A Bronx Tale and A Good Shepherd. A Bronx Tale being his directorial debut. The movie received both general and critical success at that time and it grossed over $17 million at the box office.

However, it fails on many aspects. The movie is set in little Italy, narration is first person, a little romance and a kid’s fascination towards local mobster is there. So the comparison with Goodfellas is inevitable.

Some times De Niro looked confused as director. He lost his focus on the basic premise of the movie and got carried away on various subplots. As a result, the character of child Calogero becomes totally different from the teenaged one. Child Calogero is street smart, curious and vocal whereas the teenaged one is mild, humorless and tired, though he grew up among rowdy friends and mobsters. The settings, tone and background reminds of Scorsese. Script was definitely not up to the mark. The dialogues were repetitive.

Director De Niro may not be good but you can’t mess with actor De Niro. He played his character like a cool breeze. Chazz Palminteri as Sonny was impressive. Lillo Brancato as teenaged Calogero was bad. Rest of the cast were

The main aspect which was absent throughout the movie was emotions. It felt like a beautiful red rose made of plastic.

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