John Carpenter's Vampires

"John Carpenter's Vampires" is one of those movies which shows that what happens when a director looses his focus, his script and his characters.
The movie is about a vampire slayer Jack Crow who is happy slaughtering vampires. "Goons" he calls them. His team looks like a bunch of addicts.

During one of the mission, he comes face to face with the very first vampire of the world -- Mr. Valek. Valek is searching for a cross which will make him invincible to the sunlight. And Mr. Vampire Slayer has to stop him soon. Fair enough.
However, Mr. Vampire Slayer has three problems. First his team has been killed by Mr. Very First Vampire. Second, he doesn't have much respect for the church, though he is working for them. Third, he is (over) confident.
When his team is killed, the church offers him to go and rebuild his team. But our hero declines the offers and set to kill the vampire alone, with one of his remaining team member and a new priest, whom he despises.
With two genres in hand, John Carpenter looks confused. When he says, that Valek is the very first and most powerful vampire, he should at least give him some room to show it. Instead Carpenter focuses on Jack Crow. We can assume that Jack wants to go alone and finish Valek as soon as possible because he killed his team members. But we see no remorse or anger of their death. All the time he tries to be cool by humiliating anybody who happens to be in front of him, including poor Valek.
In one of the scenes he tells new priest, that vampires are not romanticized as they are shown in movies. They cant be repelled with ginger and so on and so forth. But doesn’t he realizes that the priest knows more than him about vampires as he is a bookworm and encyclopedia on this subject. Moreover, if vampires are not afraid of ginger, churches, Cross and Holy water then why on earth does he require a priest. Jack is confused and so is Carpenter.

I don’t want to talk about other characters as they are only present to feed the ego of Mr. Vampire Slayer. Bad movie.

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