An American ballet student arrives in Munich to join a prestigious dance school in Freiburg. But soon she realizes the staff of school are not appear to be. A simple storyline of a masterpiece by Dario Argento. Also one of my all time favorite movie in horror genre.
Suspiria is the first part of the trilogy "Three Mothers". The other two films are Inferno(1980) and La Terza madre(2007) or The Mother of Tears.
The film starts with American ballet student Suzy Bannion (Jessica Harper) landing in Munich. The first scene of the movie succesfully sets the tone. It is night full of rain and thunder. She collides with Pat Hingle (Eva Axén), when she reaches the school. Pat is running away from the building in panic. Later she is murdered. It is one of the several brutal murders shown in the movie.
Dario Argento is on top of his game in this movie and no wonder it is regarded as his best work. There is no lose script. The movie starts with a creepy atmosphere and ends with it. No romance… and no wasted emotions in any scene. The use of colors is nothing less than brilliant. The movie is completely filled with primary colors giving it a surreal and nightmarish look. Anamorphic lenses were used for the shooting and the effects were enhanced by inbibition process.
However, the outstanding thing about the movie was its background score. The music was composed by rock band Goblin though in the credits of the movie they are incorrectly referred to as The Goblins.
Suspiria becomes a significant movie due to certain other facts also. It was Josh Bennett’s last feature film. It was the first Italian movie to use Steadicam. It was the final feature film to be processed in Italian Technicolor plant.

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