Drag Me To Hell

Sam Raimi enjoys making horror movies! It showed in Evil Dead series and it certainly showed in Drag Me to Hell. Far below in standard, if you want to compare it with his evergreen Evil Dead, but enjoyable nonetheless.
Drag Me to Hell was the kind of movie which doesn't dwell on inner struggle or demon of a human being. Thank God for that. It has demons, witchcraft, helpless female, curious characters and macabre humor. You sit back, relax, scream at few scenes, laugh helplessly at few and then the movie ends.
The story revolves around a bank executive (Alison Lohman) who has been cursed by an old women. Due to the curse a demon comes to drag her to hell.
A good horror movie doesn't need to be complicated. It doesn't require I-don't-believe-in-ghosts- in-this-age-of-science characters. It doesn't require deaths of supporting characters. What it requires is a simple script played convincingly by actors. Sam Raimi leads the way.

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