It’s annoying when there is a character in a movie, who doesn’t want to believe in supernatural phenomenon. Especially, when he doesn’t give any explanation of his belief or disbelief. And when all the characters in the movie except our lady in distress start disbelieving, the movie becomes Gothica.
Gothica is about a criminal psychologist Miranda Grey (Halle Berry), who doesn’t believe in ghosts and spirits. Later when she is haunted by a vengeful spirit she starts believing and nobody believes her. Hell of a concept. Clichéd!
Concept and content of the movie was wafer thin. Not enough research done. When two psychologist talk they don’t describe and explain the basic terms of psychology to each other. Instead, they more or less play the game of mental chess. Pete Graham (Robert Downey Jr.) behaved like a final year student. When a patient suffers from seizures and hallucination, you don’t psychoanalyze him or her, but take the help of neurosurgeon and keep her under strict supervision of him. And what’s more, nobody had a thought that maybe Miranda Grey was not sick at all, she was a brilliant psychologist, she could have been faking it all the way. Probably Sebastian Gutierrez didn’t want it to get more complicated as it was already complicated according to him.
What saved the movie was its environment. The movie had a gothic feel, which wasn’t necessary except because of the name, but somehow it gave a dark feel. All credits to Matthew Libatique.
It was one of the few Dark Castle Entertainment movies which I didn’t enjoy at all.

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