A Seribian Film

Recently I heard about a movie called A Serbian Film or Srpski film. One reviewer in IMDB said its one of the most extreme movie… another called it Citizen Kane of extreme cinema. I got curious and started to look for the movie. Finally, I saw the screening. Was it one of the most extreme movie or Citizen Kane of extreme cinema? Well, according to me, it doesn’t even come close to the most extreme cinema a true movie fan has seen. I didn’t want to write about the movie but a cult is forming among the mainstream cinema audience who consider this movie as some kind of landmark in extreme cinema. Let’s take a look.
‘A Serbian Film’ is directed by Srdjan Spasojevic, who also wrote the screenplay along with Aleksandar Radivojevic. The movie revolves around a retired pornstar who is living happily with his wife and son using his savings. He gets an offer of a porn movie by an unknown man who claims to make a ground breaking porn movie, which would be a true work of art. Our pornstar agrees to it as huge sum of money is on the table. And as we all can easily guess the movie has some twisted plans and plots. I don’t want to reveal much of the storyline so let’s talk about the extreme sequences.
The movie starts with the child watching his dad’s porn movie. His parents enter and they seem cool about it. Big deal? I ask readers to watch Emperor Tomato Ketchup or maladolescenza before commenting. Though, it is almost impossible to find uncut version of the movie but I am sure few will find it.
Then we have few scenes of abuse and torture. The so-called maverick director in the movie calls it a ground breaking porn, which happens to be ‘the new taste’. I suggest you to read the work of Marquis de Sade, who wrote some really extreme stories way back in 17th century. If you don’t want to read then try watching Salò 120 days of sodom, a movie based on his work and directed by Pier Paolo Pasolini. Infact, if you want to see some more gore and torture then watch Guinea Pig series or Man Behind the Sun series.
Let’s talk about the so called most extreme part of the movie, which contains sex with a dead body. Did you guys forget about Nekromantic, Visitor Q, Aftermath, Salò etc?
Frankly I don’t have a problem with  A Serbian Film. I would have enjoyed it too if they didn’t publicize it as the most extreme movie. Also, I have problem with the critics who confirmed it. Come on guys. Wake up and watch some more movies. First you guys call Hostel extreme, then Audition, Pink Flamingos, Ichi the Killer, Caligula etc. This is not extreme cinema. Period!

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