Michael Haneke Quotes

  • Most modern American films are revolting. They are pro-Bush propaganda of the worst kind, using the same techniques of persuasion that the Nazis used.
  • It's because I am a coward. At school, when there were fights, I'd run away. I have always been scared of physical violence. Perhaps that's the reason. But it also angers me to see gratuitous violence, wrapped up like chewing gum to be consumed. It's irritating; it's cynical.
  • I wanted to confront someone with something he had done as a child. That was the general idea, guilt and consequences. Then I wanted to make a film with Daniel Auteuil. And the third thing, I saw a documentary about the 1961 massacre. I was stunned that in a country like France it could be buried for so long.
  • Manipulation is constant in the media. Even the images of 'reality' on television are manipulated. The difference in this film is that the manipulation is there to make you aware that you are being manipulated, that you can be manipulated.

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