Caché - The Guilt inside Georges.

The movie starts with a long footage (at least 4 minutes long) from a tape. At first, it is hard to describe whether it is a footage or a still image. However, the distinction comes when a biker passes in front of the apartment and we hear voices of Georges and Anna discussing about the tape. Then at the end of the tape Georges is seen coming out of the apartment and getting in his car. Somebody was keeping an eye on their apartment!

Next tape comes with a childish drawing. The footage is of similar type.

It is enough to unnerve anybody who gets these kind of tapes when he doesn't know who is sending. Human tendency is to exaggerate the logic inside their mind and to act normal outside as nothing is wrong. Same thing happen to Georges, who acts as if nothing is wrong and these tapes have not much meaning except some psycho is sending them. But inside he is getting all sorts of thoughts. He even gets nightmare about his adopted brother.

What does that prove? Why he dreams specifically about his adopted brother Majid? That definitely proves the feeling of guilt inside the subconscious of Georges since his childhood, which probably even he didn't know. He remembers the lies he told about Majid which could have destroyed his life. He knew nobody caught him inventing those lies, but after he gets those tapes he feels maybe there could be somebody who saw him doing all these things. If that was the case then his lies were not personal, somebody else also knew about them. His mother is the first person to see the changes in Georges. It raises the question - did she know?

The answer can be a complicated one. If we assume she k new then she was kind of accomplice. When Georges tell her about his dream, she smiles and consoles him. However, at first she tries to ignore the topic altogether as if she doesn't remember anything. Why did she do that? Did she really forget or she understands the guilt inside Georges and pretend to forget as if the existence of Majid was not of much importance to their lives. But the look of Georges tells the whole story. He understands that she knows.
He asks her," should I switch off the light?"
She says,"No."
Probably even she doesn't want to face the darkness of the past.

To be continued...

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