Caché - Georges and Anna

Human nature is to seek constant approval from his colleagues, peers, and relatives. The same is with the case with Georges. He can afford to look troubled but definitely could not appear weak, especially in front of his wife and son, who depend on him. He questions minutely about the package and tapes but when his wife questions him, he just shrugs. At that time  he is running away from past mistakes. He doesn't even want to tell his friends about the tape.
When their son Pierrot doesn't return, he goes in search of him, then comes home and finds Pierre, his wife and Anna. He is scared, frustrated and sad. According to him, Majid kidnapped his son to take vengeance from him. He feels even more guilty.To hide his feeling he rudely answers their questions, but cries in the kitchen when he is alone. Probably he is getting tired of all these deceptions and fighting alone.
His wife Anna, on the other hand has a different approach. She knows that she is weak and doesn't hide it. She always look towards other person for support.She is also concerned about the people in her life. That's why she continuously asks questions to Georges, though she knows she is banging her head on a wall.

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