Gokudô sengokushi: Fudô

IMDB rating is 7.2. One of the user review says, ”fans of action, crime, or exploitation movies will eat it up!” But still I didn’t find Fudoh that interesting. Although I am particularly fond of Takshi Miike and enjoy his every movie… but in Fudoh it looked like Takashi Miike was half-heartedly trying to be Takashi Miike.
Fudoh is yakuza tale of a teenager Riki Fudoh who witnesses murder of his elder brother Ryu by his father Iwao Fudoh. For Iwao it was a sacrifice towards the ultimate goal he was trying to achieve and a test of his honor but for young Riki it was murder. Riki while working for his father starts his own gang of teenage killers which also includes two 8-9 years old kids, to take revenge from his own father and other yakuza bosses.
Fudoh is a mixture of crime, action and exploitation cinema. However, in this movie director seemed confused what he wanted to show. The pain and suffering of young Fudoh was not clear and more focus was on the girl who shoots deadly pins from her vagina. Takshi Miike was trying to stick to his grotesque humor but things get repetitive after a certain point of time. The characters seemed unimaginative and taken straight out from Gozu and Itchi the Killer.
Cinematography was excellent and so was the art direction. Editing by Yasushi Shimamura was good and typical Miike style. Background score was average.
I enjoyed the film but was not satisfied. Watch it if you want.

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