ISPR Investigates - Ghosts of England

Paranormal research has always interested me. Probably that was the reason I brought this documentary. Though, when I looked at the cover and read the description for the first time, I expected some footage of ghosts or some sort of weird phenomenon occurring in front of the camera. Yes, it had some moments.
The documentary is about the research conducted by a team of ISPR ( International Society for Paranormal Research) across England. It starts with the world famous mystery of Jack The Ripper and then traveling to various places which are supposedly possessed, with a touch of human values and emotions in the end.
Though I am not certain whether all this was scripted or real but in some parts I wanted to believe what was going on in the screen. I also came to know where many of the directors got certain creepy and so called original ideas.
All in all it was fun to watch, if not enlightening.

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