Kogyaru-gui: Oosaka terekura hen

"Kogyaru-gui: Oosaka terekura hen" or "Eat the Schoolgirl". Well, there was no schoolgirl and certainly not a single scene of cannibalism. No, I am not complaining! However it was certainly a title which attracted me to watch the flick.
The film is about two mentally disturbed individuals working under a Yakuza organization. One of the two is a young man with an abnormal libido and continually harassed by females of not being brave enough to leave the organization. The other is suffering from hallucinations of a female angel, who motivates him to murder callgirls, due to his childhood traumatic experiences.
Eat the Schoolgirl is Naoyuki Tomomatsu's first film as a director, who also wrote the film. Now I wonder, how much pages did he require to write the screenplay. Probably 10... or 14. Also, the budget of the movie was low as compared to the Japanese movies of same genre.
Now I have seen enough splatter movies or gory ones like Red Room or Naked Blood or Cannibal Holocaust, but after watching this movie I was feeling very different; not satisfied in the least. Not because it was a bad movie or it was below my expectations. It was because there was an eerie element of desparation or death or trauma, which was running through out the movie, in every frame. The film was completely devoid of any element of humor which sometimes becomes the main ingrediant of this genre, especially in the films of the great Takashi Miike. The director never wanted to give any light moment to the screen. When I was watching the movie I knew that he was walking on a very thin line between a splatter porn flick and an artistic achievement. And to me he somehow managed not to cross that line and remained in the artistic side (though some of the viewers won't agree with me). Was it deliberate or fluke, I don't know. All that I know is I didn't enjoy this film but I enjoyed it as it gave me something to think and analyze. Will I see it again? I won't.
Waiting to watch his other movie "Stacy".

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