A Thought on Salò o le 120 giornate di Sodoma

Salo or the 120 Days of Sodom. Pier Paolo Pasolini was a great artist and a good film-maker. I am just trying to figure it out that how much did Pasolini succeeded in sending the message throught Salo.
Salo was, according to me, neither a bad film nor a good one. It was a film with a message. It was also a film full of nudity, violence, sadism and gore. The message was hidden in nudity, violence and gore. But was violence the message?...
People who watch this movie would want to argue that I am beating around the bushes and it was a great piece of artwork. And I know that some of them would be the one who absolutely hated it and didn't understand a single part of it, but for the sake of showing themselves so called intellectual they are saying it.
I can compare it to the works of Alejandro Jodrowski; as it can be put under the "Panic Movement".
But the message in the movie was lost. It was lost with the very element it was thought to be highlighted and that is the shocking element of the movie. The thing people discuss about this movie is the scene where everybody eat human faeces in dinner or where the captives are treated like a dog or the wedding of the two captives. They discuss these things without discussing the message these scenes were consisted of.
But on a second thought if I look at the movie then it haunts subconciously and for a few days after watching movie I was seeing this world through it. And then it worked. It had succeeded in sending the message.  
Yes it was a great piece of art!

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