Pink Flamingos

Trash can be fun and artistic. Well, I had to see it to believe it. And I did believe it after I saw "Pink Flamingos" by John Waters. I had seen Desperate Livings by him several weeks ago, but I thought it was kind of fun and also fluke. But Pink Flaminogs proved me wrong!
I won't tell the story because there was not much to tell except:
1- The filthiest person alive
2- A couple who kidnap young girls and make them pregnant and sell the babies
3- Divine eating dogshit in front of the camera. (And it was for real and not some special effects.)

The film directly assualts on the artistic sense of any human being and make fun of everything. For e.g.- During birthday party of Divine in front of her trailor, a police team raids. All the guests kills the policeman and eats their flesh. But instead of feeling sad and disgusted I laughed and I am sure everybody else who saw the movie did!
There were some scenes which I couldn't make out like the scen where Divine and her son licks everything of the couples house to make it cursed and it did gets cursed.
Well that was John Waters and his one gem of the "Trash Trilogy".

A must watch!

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